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furry_satanists's Journal

Satanic Furries
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This is a community of all those shunned by the light and forced into the dark. We bring down the foolish Christian overlords one paw and claw at a time. We follow our master Satan and piss on the face of Jesus Christ himself. We are pure, misanthropic SATANIC FURRIES.

And we like to discuss video games, too.

1. Don't be a Christian Pig. That goes without saying. We will carve demonic scrolls into your head if we find you are the follower of the fool, Christ.
2. Be nice to eachother. Not everyone likes Halo.
3. No porn without an LJ-cut, unless they're lesbians.
4. You don't have to like Halo, but it helps more than being a real Satanist.